Interrogative “How” – Worksheet

Interrogative “How” – Worksheet


Interrogative “How” – How do you fight a bear? How do you eat a hamburger?


Print and hand out 1 worksheet per student.


After introducing and practicing the concept of the question “How do you…?”. Hand a worksheet out to each student and have the students fill in the blanks the best they can.

No. 1 is a spell your name thing. Easy

No. 2. In my textbooks, they emphasize the question and answer of “How do you go to school/Tokyo/supermarket?” Answer: “I go by car/bus/train/airplane.” However, by this point in my JHS textbook “by” has never been studied, unless we are talking about something like “The cat is by the box.” My suggestion is to take whatever answer they give and help them form whatever sentence they see fit.

No. 3 The answer is “how”

Example worksheet

For the last section, any question is OK. We want them to have some sort of sentence with a focus on “How do you…?”


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