I think Yoshi is Better Debate – presentation

I think Yoshi is Better - Presentation


A combination of “I think (that)” and “Comparison: better the best”

Presentation Preview


Bit of a two part thing. Although I imagine you can separate these things easily. But, they go hand in hand when I… do the thing. Also, this is not my idea. Please see -> Splatoon Fest <- This is where I adapted from. I just sorta updated it to my liking. Is that fair? Ok? I dunno. I feel like I am stealing. I’m doing it anyways.
Part 1 is the presentation as seen above. It showcases a couple of grammar points and also illustrates a debate/argument. I originally put this up to some 2nd grade Junior High School students and they did just fine with it. Granted both grammar points should have been covered before introducing this concept.
Part 2: After showing the presentation, put the students into pairs. Give each pair a debate topic card. (Either let them choose or choose for them) Once they pairs have their cards, (For example: KFC or McDonalds) they will chose one point or the other. In this case: McDonalds.
They will then be given time to write out a few sentences together about why McDonald’s is better than KFC. After giving plenty of time for the students to write their sentences. Perhaps 15 minutes? Have the pairs join another pair, creating a group of 4. Have the pairs present to each other their claims and reasoning behind their choices. Once one pair has concluded their arguments. The other non-presenting pair will state if they agree or not. If at a higher level, encourage the students to give counter reasoning or an additional supportive claim.
Once that is complete, have the opposite pair do the same as the original. Don’t forget to have the students circle “agree” or “disagree” once the opposite pair states their opinion.
If you have time and or want to do this again, there is space on the worksheet for an additional argument.
Below is the presentation and the worksheet that I made. For the actual cards I want you to download the cards from the -> Splatoon Fest <- worksheet/activity page because it is such a good activity for better/best. Also the worksheet I designed should work with the cards they provided, all you have to do is print them out.
Also font I used is called Chalkduster.



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