Gerund “verb-ing” (Object) – Board Game


Gerund “verb-ing” (Object) – I enjoy riding a bicycle.


Print on preferably larger than A4 paper for the board. A4 is fine for the Joker Time. And of course, dice.


Roll the dice and land on a space. Once there, change the verb into it’s gerund form and make a sentence. Such as, “I enjoy watching movies.” If you land on a characters face, go to the Joker time page and do as it says. Pretty simple.

I know it won’t age well. But I like Persona 5 and I love the color concepts that they use. I have made a couple of things based on the video game. I spent well over 100 hours of my life on the dang game, so I feel like I should incorporate it somehow. Plus the music is stellar and you should listen to it.


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