What would you like – Cards

What would you like? - Cards


What would you like? I’d like ice cream please! 

Specifically targeted at New Horizons 5 Unit 6 What would you like?


Print the cards and add color backing or the themed backing provided.


Here are some generic food cards with prices attached. I made them specifically for the “What would you like?” section of the New Horizons 5 Elementary School text book, Unit 6. If you have said book, the food and prices are directly referenced from it (or perhaps the Picture Dictionary too.)

There are two versions, 1 with Kirby Characters and Yoshi Characters. There are a myriad of games you could potentially play with these, so I also added some “God Cards” and “Bad Cards” just in case you need them for something.

In my class we played a High/Low game. Where the students would have five cards each and ask a partner “What would you like?” then the other student would choose a card in the asking students hand and say “I’d like _____.” Repeating with the other partner so that each student would receive a card. Once everyone was finished, I would then reveal high cards or low win. Then the students would check the numbers at the bottom of the card and compare with their partner. The student with the highest/lowest number would win that round.

As for why I have them Kirby and Yoshi themed is due to my designs for my roulette machine.

And if you are using the pages document, the font used is call HandwritingWeCan.

Kirby Themed Version

Yoshi Themed Version


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