When I moved to Japan, to teach English, I was given a booklet of instructions. “Do this, in this way, and you’ll be fine.” However, as I started to teach my first few classes, I quickly realized…these instructions were not going to work for me. The key moment when I realized this, is when my instructions stated, “Ok, now group the students into pairs.” After reading this statement I looked up to have my one and only JHS 1st grader look up at me. In this remote location in Japan, my school had ten students total. Almost one student per grade. And needless to say, most of my instructions weren’t going to work.

Scouring the internet and trying desperately to devise lessons for my one-on-one classes, I found inspiration – Englishwebbook.com. Here was this dude, somewhere in Japan, making lesson materials. He had games, ideas, worksheets, and more. Each page of his website had fun cartoon characters or unique twists to make each of the grammar topics interesting, engaging, and dare I say? fun.

I started to use his materials and recreate them to fit my own lessons. Making them work for my one-on-ones and making them into my own. Through EWB I found a slew of other websites such as Eigoganbare and Englipedia. With their ideas, I started to craft my own materials.

I had so much fun making things for my students, I would work long hours into the night after school. I would often spend countless hours preparing just for one class.

Now, that I have a hard-drive full of stuff I have created for my English classes. I think it’s only appropriate to share what I have with others who may need it.

My work may not always be original, but it comes with the intent of being colorful and engaging.

I am by no means an expert, but I enjoy making things.

What and how

I work on a Mac computer and primarily work with Keynote and Apples word-processor Pages. I also dabble in Photoshop from time-to-time with the difficult stuff.

Each page of the site should offer a few things. A description of the material and how to use said material. It will also offer downloadable content so that you, the user, may use it as you see fit. When possible, I will give you editable files so you can change it as needed. Seeing as I am an Apple user, most editable documents will come in the forms of the Apple specific application documents, such as Pages and Keynote. I am able to export the Keynotes effectively to PowerPoint. However, I struggle with easy exports with Pages into Word/other applications, so I will only host the Pages documents.

Everything here on this website is completely free to use. So, take it, warp it, and stick it in a stew. You do you.

Why the name “A fox in Japan”? Well, two things. No 1.) Where I live, I see a fox everyday and my friend Eddie believes “If you see a fox, your day will be lucky.”  No 2.) the domain name was available…

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