Roulette Machine

Roulette Machine


Originally designed for: [What would you like? I’d like ice cream please!] with the New Horizons 5 Unit 6 What would you like? in mind. However, use this in whatever way you see fit.

The Machines

Use the keynote presentation on your ipad/mac or use the videos provided using play and pause as needed.


I didn’t know I would become an animator. Let alone learning how to animate in Keynote.

This right here is my roulette machine. A creation I made with association to my High/Low game for elementary.

When pressing play, a hand will come out and spin around the circle. Eventually, landing on a “high” or “low” space. (or if you skip about half way through, it can land on a 1 through 4 space). When spinning, sound from the respective games can be heard.

Each Presentation/video has 8 different endings per half. (Half is high/low and the other 1-4).

In my class we played a High/Low game. The students would have five cards of food/drink each accompanying with a price. The students would ask a partner “What would you like?” then the other student would choose a card in the asking students hand and say “I’d like _____.” Repeating with the other partner so that each student would receive a card. Once everyone was finished, I would then reveal high cards or low win using the presentation. Then the students would check the numbers at the bottom of the card and compare with their partner. The student with the highest/lowest number would win that round.

Yoshi Version: This was my first version and doesn’t have as much charm as the Kirby one. Yoshi and the dog characters are static and don’t do much. At the 8th iteration of the roulette, the villain Kamek appears. Kamek swoops down and steals the hand. (make sure to act surprised!) and eventually the caped hero, baby Mario, comes into frame and brings us a fresh pointer hand to finish the game.

Kirby version: The far superior version in my opinion. This operates in the same fashion as the Yoshi one, but has a different character in the top right of the screen to give the presenter more knowledge about what may happen. (For example: When you see the snowman, you know it’s gonna land on Low.) Also, just like in the Yoshi Presentation, on the 8th slide a villain emerges and steals the hand. Luckily, a helpful crew member will bring you another.

Sadly, I could not easily port this over to Powerpoint. But if anyone has the time to or effort to do so. Send me a copy.

Kirby Themed Version

Yoshi Themed Version


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