Gerund “verb + -ing” (Object)

Gerund “verb-ing” (Object) – Board Game

Gerund “verb-ing” (Object) – Board Game Subject Gerund “verb-ing” (Object) – I enjoy riding a bicycle. Preparation Print on preferably larger than A4 paper for the board. A4 is fine for the Joker Time. And of course, dice. Description Roll the dice and land on a space. Once there, change the verb into it’s gerund form …

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I like reading books – Presentation

I like reading books – Presentation Subject Gerund “verb + ing” (Object) – I enjoy singing karaoke. Presentation Preview Previous Next Description This is a simple presentation introducing the idea of the “-ing” Gerund. In my case, it was interesting to my students reaction about, “I enjoy watching soccer, but not playing soccer.” It was almost like …

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