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Interrogative “How” – How do you spell your name? How do you go to school? How do you cut paper?

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A presentation with cute characters from Animal Crossing…the old one…not the new one…BUT THE CHARACTERS LOOK THE SAME (sorta) SO I AM NOT CHANGING IT.

The Isabelle (dog) character approaches different animals and asks them a series of “how” questions.

With the first few questions she asks, there are some definitive answers. Such as “How do you spell your name?” Answer: “T-O-M. Tom” Also, there are two questions about “How do you go to school?” Answer: “I go to school by bus.” These are included as my text book dictates it to be, but never delves deep into the whole by thing.

However, after a few slides you will be presented with the question “How do you draw Pikachu?” Well….there are many potential answers for this. It can be simple or complex.

In this presentation/lesson, we are not focused on the answers. We need to focus on the actual question. More specifically “How do you…?”

In my class, I asked the students: “How do you cut paper?” and some students gestured with their hands a snipping motion. Perfect!

If you really were to ask someone “How do you cut paper?” The answers could be all over the place, way too advance for your 1st year Junior High students. But the question of “How do you…?” is vital to most English conversations in the real world.

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