Interrogative “How” – Gesture Card Game

Interrogative “How” – Gesture Card Game


Interrogative “How” – How do you fight a bear? How do you eat a hamburger?


Print and add color backing. 1 page is one set, but feel free to mix and match. Give one set to each group of students.


Once you have introduced the concept of the question “How do you…?” Get the students into groups of 4 or 5. Hand each group a stack of cards face down.

Have them Rock, Scissor, Paper to see who draws a card first. Once decided, have your first student pick up a card, flip it over and look at it.

He/She will then ask the student to their left/right and ask a “How” question based on the card.

The student in turn will do some sort of gesture response. Acting out, drawing or anything in response to the student who asked the question. Once the questioning student is satisfied, move on to the next student and repeat.

"How do you do kendo?

"Like this!"


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