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How long - Presentation


How long – How long is the break? It’s 20 minutes. How long is JHS? It’s 3 years.

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My particular text book, One World 1, has a combined lesson of “How many…?” and “How long…?”

This presentation of “How long…?” has all the answers that are related to time in the immediate/future sense. Nothing related to present perfect ideas such “How long have you studied English?”  That’s too much, man!

Each character appears on screen and asks a vital question to the “Time man” on the right. Each question producing an answer, from Time-man, with increasing time: Minutes, hours, days, and years. Eventually, adding a “I don’t know” answer as I feel it important to reinforce as it can be a valid answer.

More about this

All the characters are from Mega man: Powered up! It was released on the short lived PlayStation Portable. This game’s release saw the debut of Time-man, and I thought it would be apropos to have him be my star. In order of appearance we have: Mega-man, Roll, Electric-man, Rock-man and Zero. My kids have no clue who these characters are, but it doesn’t matter because they are cute.

The second to last slide includes the question: How long is Junior High School? I included for this sites’ release, a generic anime school image. I suggest replacing it with a picture of your school, such as I did. It’s always nice to have relatable stuff when applicable.

The last slide is about our current period. The last one was Heisei which lasted about 31 years. The one before that being Showa, lasting 64 years. It is unsure how long Reiwa will last but I’m trying to be topical.

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