Have to – Board Game

Have to – Board Game


Auxiliary Verb “have to”, “don’t have to” – I have to go to school. I don’t have to use the toilet.


Print board on an A3 piece of paper, Cut cards with backing provided (the llamas) or dark color backing. Bring dice per board. Then do the floss.


How to play:

Have the kids put their erasers down on Start. Roll the dice and move accordingly. Once they have landed the student pulls a card and makes a sentence using I have to or I don’t have to.


Student rolls dice. “Three”. Move 1,2,3. Picks up a card, “call the police” . Student looks nervously to the student that knows more English than he does. “何ですか?” The other student whispers, “I have to…” Then the original student stammers out “I have call police.” A more English adept student nudges him “I have to call police.” At that point you walk over and say something like “Really? You have to call the police?”  *Extended pause*  “ああ、間違いがった, I don’t have to call the police.”  Rinse and repeat.

There are some item cards in the pile that will dictate the students next movements. Such as, go back three spaces or go forward 1 space. All of which feature items from Fortnite, there are some “rest” areas on the board with silly dance poses on them.

Did you also notice there is not a single gun throughout this board game or card selection? Even though this game is gun heavy, in a comical way, I MANAGED TO AVOID IT! Whoo!  —– Wait. Do bombs count? oops.

In the downloads below I have also included a blank version of the cards, as you may be able to adapt them to something else. Have fun with it!

Have to Board and cards

Blank Board and cards


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