Sight words – Animal Crossing Edition

Sight words – Animal Crossing Edition


Sight words – A classroom additive


Print each page, matching the colors together, and glue them back to back. Cut out and laminate or print on stiff paper.

Then make via construction paper, a make shift Gatchapon machine as illustrated in the picture below. Obviously, you are not regulated to a Gatchapon machine, feel free to make your own thing!


Recently, I was tasked to create a thing to display “Sight words” for elementary school.

“Sight words are to build speed and fluency when reading. Accuracy, speed, and fluency in reading increase reading comprehension. The sight words are a collection of words that a child should learn to recognize without sounding out the letters. The sight words are both common, frequently used words and foundational words that a child can use to build a vocabulary. Combining sight words with phonics instruction increases a child’s speed and fluency in reading.” –

Originally, the idea was to build a tree with branching words or perhaps bricks to build a house. So, in my typical fashion, I made something completely different and that took way too much time.

This is the Gatchapon sight word collection, featuring characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. あつまれどうぶつの森。 One side has the English and Japanese on the back.

The idea is once the kids start recognizing the words they will put it in the Gatchapon machine. Or the reverse depending on what you decide to do.

Japanese on right: If you can read it, put it inside the Gatchpon

On the right is what we have done in our classroom.

I used the Animal Crossing characters as they are cute, almost uniform in design, and very popular currently in my school. Plus, I am sure there is an actual Animal Crossing Gatchapon machine somewhere out there.

I used a variety of programs to design the capsules, so I only can offer the PDFs and JPGs. You should be able to print A side and B side and have them line up correctly back to back.

To see a plain text version of the words and their translations click here or scroll down.


Words and translations

I 私は、私が
are =(“equal sign”)
all 全部
was 過去の=
to ○○するため、〇〇へ
the その
do する
me 私を、私に
be 〇〇になる
we 私たちは、私たちが
she 彼女は、彼女が
he 彼は、彼が

there そこ、あそこ
here ここ
they 彼らは、彼らが
come 来る
some いくらかの
said 言った
you あなたは、あなたが、あなたを、あなたに
my 私の
your あなたの
go 行く
no ~ない
so とても、そのように

where どこ
were 過去の=
which どれ
why なぜ
who だれ
more もっと
before 前
many たくさん
any どんな〇〇でも、少しも〇〇ない
other 他の
because なぜなら
want 欲しい

put 置く
their 彼らの
should すべき
could 〇〇できた、〇〇していただけませんか?〇〇できたらよかったのに
four 4
two 2
does する
goes 行く
would 〇〇であろう、〇〇だったろう
made 作った
saw 見た
right 正解、右

when いつ
what 何
down 下
like 好き、〇〇のような
live 住む、生きる
have ある、持つ
give あげる
little 少しの
by 〇〇によって
old 古い
only 〇〇だけ
one 1

once 1度
upon 〇〇の上に
of 〇〇の
after 後
every すべての、毎○○
eight 8
cover カバーする
love 愛する
always 常に
also 加えて
mother お母さん
father お父さん

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