What time do you…? – Presentation

What time do you...? - Presentation


Interrogative (what time…?) – What time do you get up? I get up at 7:00. What time do you play video games? I play video games at 5:00.

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Two characters appear, and have a basic conversation using the grammar of “What time do you..?” The first 3 slides, (after the title) are standard affair with a question and an answer. On the forth slide some blanks will appear and that is impetus for your students to speak and help you fill in the blanks. 

The last slide is an array of clipart and words to encourage students to ask questions to their friends, teachers and so on. 

I am aware that there is no A.M. or P.M. mentions. The first year I did this, the students seem to focus on A.M. and P.M. stuff too much and caused a slow down in the class. In subsequent years I have omitted the morning and night indicators without a problem. That is to say, that if your students want to use the A.M. and P.M. additions, there is no reason not to. It’s up to you!

About this

The characters used are from the old video game, Earthbound. (or Mother 2 in Japan). The game itself is a weird crazy dream like game but it is super fun…once you get used to it. The characters on screen are Ness and Paula. Ness might be more recognizable to you from such games as Super Smash Bros.

Also the font used in this presentation is called Nintender. 

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