What time do you…? – My friends schedule worksheet

What time do you...? - My friends schedule worksheet


Interrogative (what time…?) – What time do you get up? I get up at 7:00. What time do you go home? I go home at 5:00.



Print and handout one to each student. 


We have two versions of the same worksheet here, both hold the same concepts. Create questions using the “What time do you…” grammar and then apply it to the worksheet. 

Worksheet/Version 1:

In the black column, “what time do you..?” students will write down the basic subject of the question they would like to ask. Once completed, they will find a partner in the class and ask the question that they made previously. The partner will answer their question and the students will write down the answer. Then change partners.

After that is completed, the students will take the time to write down some of their partners answers in the space below the table. In this section we want the students to write using the third person singular grammar. Such as “Akito gets up at 7:00.”  

Worksheet/Version 2:

It is essentially the same as the first but a bit more of a direct approach. Instead of students preparing before speaking to potential partners, this worksheet encourages students to write as they are speaking with their partners. 


Version 1

Version 2


About this

The characters featured on this worksheet hail from the weird and wonderful video game, Earthbound. (or known as Mother 2 in Japan). If you have never heard of this video game, you might know the character Ness. He is the main character in the video game and appears in other such popular video games such as Super Smash Bros. Although I didn’t use Ness in this worksheet, I used the supporting characters (from right to left) Paula, Jeff and Poo. (Yes, his name is Poo, I am not lying.) 

The font used in the worksheets is called Nintender.

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  1. Your pdf worksheets and power points are amazing!!! I’ve been looking for interesting worksheets to get my students motivated and came across your website! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    A fellow ALT JET from Hiroshima

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