We all live on earth - Where do lions live?


Where do lions live? Lions live in the Savanna. What do lions eat? Lions eat Zebras. (These materials specifically reference New Horizons English Course 6 Unit 5 We all live on Earth.)

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In this presentation/movie/series of images…We are introduced to an animal, the place that they live, and an example of what they eat. 

For example: In the first section, a lion will appear with the accompanying text, “What’s this?” Once the student guess the animals name in English, the following text will confirm “This is a lion.” 

Afterwards, the question “Where do lions live?” will appear. Have the students try to guess as to the location of lions. Once guessed or close to it, a Savannah background will slowly appear. 

The next section will proffer the question “What do lions eat?” A smallish zebra will slide in from the right. This is the big hint for the young students. The following answer will be “Lions eat zebras.” and then comically the zebra will float in the open lions mouth. 

Each following animal that appears will follow this same pattern with the same wording. 

In these materials we have:

  • A lion in the savanna eating a zebra.
  • A bear in the forest eating berries
  • A camel in the desert eating grass.
  • A shark in the ocean eating fish.
  • A panda in the forest eating bamboo. 

The concept of this presentation is to hone in on the English sentence pattern of  “____lives in the ____.” -and- “_____ eat _______.”


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2 thoughts on “We all live on earth – Where do lions live?”

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    An activity I did for this lesson was to give the students a single sheet of origami paper and a slip of paper with spaces to write the type of animal, where it lived, what it ate and its name. With the origami paper they had the option to draw any animal or make an origami animal. Giving their animal a name was also fun. We did a semi-presentation. The children listening had a list of classmates and space to write down the information about the animals their classmates created. One by one the children came to me and told me about their animal and I reported in English what each person said as well as writing (n English) about the animal on the blackboard.

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