Let’s think about our food – presentation

Let's think about our food - Presentation

New Horizons Course 6 Unit 6


Let’s think about our food. I ate curry and rice last night. I usually eat squid curry and rice at home. The squid are from Aomori. Squid are in the red group.

Presentation Preview


This is a presentation with 4 parts dedicated to the New Horizons Course 6 book Unit 6 Let’s think about our food.

Each part showcases a different type of curry and where the food comes from.

I don’t know if this slideshow will appeal to anyone not using the New Horizons Elementary book, but I thought I would share it just in case. 

Also, for the Hokkaido slide, the images seen are specifically from Hokkaido. The Aomori picture is what comes up when you search google for Aomori in the gifs section. 

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2 thoughts on “Let’s think about our food – presentation”

  1. Hi there! I am looking for ideas about how to do the “Let’s think about our food” for my class.
    Somehow I was stuck but seeing your own idea here inspired me. I was esp. wondering how to do the “food groups” part.
    I don`t have the time to let the students do a presentation but I think I can fit in time whereby they write the ingredients of their family curry onto a blank “food group” worksheet. (The students already have made a list of the things they usually put into a curry).
    Thanks for the idea.

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