More Most – Popularity Contest

More / most - Popularity contest


Comparative and Superlative “more than, the most” – Doraemon is more popular than Gudetama. Doraemon is the most amazing.


Print one contest page per student. As for the pictures page print about 4 or five and cut each picture out. Print the worksheet and pictures on A4 paper or the same size paper for both.


I had this idea and it seemed to work well in my class. 

This worksheet is a contest of sorts. The students either draw (or take from the selected pictures provided) and create questions based upon the two (per section) characters or people. 

Round 1 they pick 6 characters or people and make questions to their friends. Writing a circle in the area in accordance to what the friends answer was. 

Round 2 have the students redraw the winning characters from the previous round (or place copied pictures into the boxes) and make a final question using “most”. Asking the surrounding friends to determine the final winner. 

In the examples provided you can see how the structure might go for you. My version is the terribly drawn edition. The other is from one of my friends who can actually draw. 

This activity took about 30 to 40 minutes in my class. It could have been shorter but most students really wanted to draw.


The Mickey mouse I drew in the first section is something else…maybe from a nightmare?

Contest page

character / people picture documents


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