Welcome to Japan / What season do you like? – presentation

Welcome to Japan / What season do you like? - Presentation

New Horizons Course 5 Unit 7


What season do you like? I like winter? Why do you like winter? We have New Year’s day in winter. What do you do on New Year’s day? I usually play karuta.

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This is a presentation dedicated to the New Horizons Course 5 book Unit 7 Welcome to Japan. 

If you have seen the text book, you can see the pattern pretty easily. In this presentation I used an American tradition to insert some different culture and change up the pattern slightly.

A selection of postcards are sent back and forth between a “Japanese” person and an “American” person using the target pattern of language. 

The reason why I put the nationalities in quotations is because these particular characters are at best, terrible stereotypes. I highly suggest that you replace these characters. 

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