Past tense (regular and irregular verbs)- Doubt card game

Past tense (regular and irregular verbs)- Doubt card game


Past tense – regular and irregular. Regular: I played basketball. Irregular: ate pizza.


Print and add color backing. 1 PDF is one set. Give one set to each group of students.


There are two versions of the doubt game available here. Version 1 with more simple past tense verbs and Version 2 focusing on irregular past tense verbs.

How to play:
Either with my presentation being projected or the prints provided, show the order in which the cards will be played. Have the students get into groups and give them a set of cards (one set is one page/PDF). Have them deal all the cards out to each player equally. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Each time it is your turn you have to put down a card, in order, into the discard deck in the center of the table and say aloud with a confident voice exactly what that card’s supposed to be.

Such as:
Student 1: “I ate pizza.”
Student 2: “I studied English.”
Student 3: “I met my friend.”

But, all cards are placed face down. The idea here is that you can lie about which card you’re playing and what’s in your hand. No “ate pizza” cards and “ate pizza” comes up your turn? Pull a “studied English” and put it face down in the discard pile and confidently state “I ate pizza!” However, if someone thinks that you are lying, they can call “Doubt”. If someone calls “Doubt”, then they can check the card you played to see if you were lying or not. If you were lying, you have to take the entire discard deck into your hand. If you weren’t lying, the person who called “Doubt” has to take the entire discard deck into their hands. Also included is a “God” card or two. “God” cards are a free pass/anything goes card and can be used at any time.


For the game cards, I used a specific font called “Mania.”

Regular Verbs

IrRegular Verbs


More about this

If some of you know who these characters are, congratulations you are amazing. For those who don’t know these characters, they reference the Scott Pilgrim universe of media. Scott pilgrim, in brief, was originally a comic book series, then a major motion picture and then finally a great beat-em-up style fighting game. This game is where the sprites come from. The one in green is the titular Scott Pilgrim. Also included are Kim Pine (Red hair blue skirt) and Ramona Flowers (Blue hair goggles) in version 1. In version 2 Scott is accompanied by Stephen Stills (Orange hair and jeans) and Envy (Red hair girl). I also did my best to find images in a pixel-y art fashion.

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