Past tense (regular and irregular verbs)- Presentation

Past tense (regular and irregular verbs)- Presentation


Past tense – regular and irregular. Regular: I played basketball. Irregular: ate pizza.

Presentation Preview

Regular Verb focus

Irregular Verb focus


These presentations focus on the past tense version of verbs. 

In brief, a character will appear on the screen and discuss yesterdays events with appropriate imagery to help the students understand.

Version 1 has mostly simple past tense words, plus a few irregulars. Version 2 mostly focuses on irregular past tense verbs. I included a few irregulars in the first lesson/presentation because I didn’t want to give false hope that all verbs, in their past tense form, ended with “-ed“. Plus, I wanted to go ahead and use “ate” because that’s a hot topic when it comes to “What did you do, yesterday?”

Version 1

play -> played
use -> used
study -> studied
clean -> cleaned
eat -> ate
write -> wrote
meet -> met

Version 2

play -> played
use -> used
see -> saw
give -> gave
take -> took
eat -> ate
have -> had
meet -> met
go -> went

Once the characters leave the screen a review section will appear for explanation. My fellow teacher usually uses these last review slides for his “説明” section of class.

At the end of the presentation, you will be introduced to the doubt game. A game of deceit and usually a good laugh.

The doubt game order will be displayed on the last two slides each providing a different order. If you want to play the doubt game with your students please click the button over there. –>

Regular Verbs

Irregular Verbs

More about this

If some of you know who these characters are, congratulations you are amazing. For those who don’t know these characters, they reference the Scott Pilgrim universe of media. Scott pilgrim, in brief, was originally a comic book series, then a major motion picture and then finally a great beat-em-up style fighting game. This game is where these dancing sprites come from. The one in green is the titular Scott Pilgrim. He is also visited by Kim Pine (Red hair blue skirt) and Ramona Flowers (Blue hair goggles) in version 1. In version 2 Scott is accompanied by Stephen Stills (Orange hair and jeans) and Envy (Red hair girl). In the presentation I have included a few gifs from the movie as well, such as Kim Pine on the drums.

In the Keynote presentations, there is a bit more animations involved. The characters run onto the screen and perform certain actions from time to time. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate well into Powerpoint, but still functions AOK.

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