Was Were – Karuta Card Game


Past Tense “was, were” – Pikachu was happy on Monday. Satoshi and Pikachu were sad on Sunday.


Print and cut. 1 page is one set for each group. There are two variants available, choose wisely.


This is a Karuta style game that focuses on listening. You, the teacher, will make sentences with key phrases of “was” and “were” and call them out to the students. The student who gets the most cards wins.

Example Scenario: (It’s a Tuesday in this scenario…)

Pikachu was happy on Saturday.”
“Satoshi and Pikachu were angry on Wednesday”
“Pikachu is happy today!”
audible confusion…then the sharp kids gets it. SMACK
Another variation is to use only “he” or “they” in your sentence calls. Such as “They were angry on Wednesday” or “He was happy on Saturday.”
….wait. Is Pikachu a “he” or a “she”?
Also, I learned the hard way that the main Pokemon trainer’s name is Satoshi in Japan. In America, his name is Ash Ketchum….or as some might call him… Tom Ato.


Included are two variants with some different emotions. I suggest you to use one or the other.


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