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Subordinate conjunction “if” – If you go to America, you must eat hamburgers.

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If. If. If.

The first part is about stating some ideas while using “If”. It is then followed by questions for the students to answer.

In the class I used this in, it was their first time hearing “if” so I made sure only to move on to the questions after I was able to get them to understand the term “if”. After that, I expressed that their answers to the following questions could use any target language we had learned recently.

For the question of “If there is an earthquake, what must you do?” I got several answers.

“I must go under the desk.”

“I will put my hands on my head.”

“I shouldn’t run.”

All of those answers were absolutely fine, by my standards.

The big deal question was about “If you get a million yen, what will you do?” Everyone had a different answer and it sparked a bit of controversy. “Ehh, maji? (え,マジ?)”  Anyways, lots of fun.

Oh, I should mention this whole presentation focuses only on the sentence structure of “if” being the first part of the sentence.

You can throw the word “if” about just like the subjunctive when. “If it is rainy tomorrow, I will bring an umbrella.” Change to: “I will bring an umbrella, if it is rainy tomorrow.” But it is up to you.

I have also included a companion piece that has some of the words removed for the students to help you fill in.

Main Presentation

Companion Presentation

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