Subordinate conjunction (when) – Presentation

Subordinate conjunction (when) – Presentation


Subordinate conjunction (when) – When I was cold, I made a fire.

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This was a fairly difficult subject to teach for me. Specifically, because my particular English text book wants me to use the following styles of the Target Language.
Max was only two months old when he came to our house.
When Max came to our house, he was only two months old.
The above TL is lifted straight from my book and the Max they are referring to is a dog. Not some stray baby found in the streets.
I have included two different versions of said presentation. One (as seen in the preview) has “when” in the beginning of the sentence. The other has “when” in the middle. I originally tried to teach both at the same time and that proved to be a little confusing. I ask the other teachers what they prefer I teach that day and give them the data for the other version for them to teach at their discretion. Either way, this is a silly story about being stranded on an island. Of course there is at least one mention of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Presentation - When first

Presentation - When Middle

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