You must – Cards

You must – Cards


Auxiliary Verb “must, must not” – You must act like a cat.


Print and cut. 1 page is one set for each group.


The must card game is pretty straight forward.

Pull a card from the pile and point to someone and say “You must ~” and read the sentence on the card.

You must clap your hands 10 times

You must sit Seiza.

You must do 2 push ups.

It’s a lot of fun especially if you have an awesome JTE willing to be apart of the fun.

For example, my student chose the JTE to “act like a cat”

Student: “Mr. JTE you must act like a cat”

JTE: “Nyan!”

Then the JTE proceeded to walk on all fours and scratch at the students.

It was a great big laugh from all the students.


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