Comparison (er est) – Animal facts Cards


Comparison (er est) – Lions are faster than rabbits. Cheetahs are the fastest.


Print and cut out each card. I recommend printing enough that each student has access to at least two cards. 


The main idea, behind these cards, is to have the students compare animals to one another.

Which animal is faster, lions or rabbits?

Which animal is heavier, elephants or hippos?

Which animal is the biggest, of the three.

Each card will have the animals height, length, weight, top speed, and average life expectancy (indicated by “Age”).

How you use these cards is up to you.


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2 thoughts on “Comparison (er est) – Animal facts Cards”

  1. It is a creative way to teach comparisons. You made really good resources.

    However, the PDF file contains your ‘Have you ever’ cards, rather than the comparison cards.

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