Better than Best – Presentation

Better than Best – Presentation


Comparison (better the best) – I like cats better than dogs. I like ice cream the best.

Presentation Preview


If you are familiar with my previous lesson about JHS year 1’s “Which”, then this presentation will come as no surprise.

Characters (from Boku no Hero Academia anime) will appear and ask each other some questions.

Q: Which do you like better, pizza or hamburgers?

A: I like pizza better than hamburgers.

Q: Which do you like best, pizza, ramen or spaghetti?

A: I like ramen the best.

I use GIFs and images to illustrate the choices with the questions. In one section you will see a option between 7-11 and Seicomart. Both are convenience stores but Seicomart is a Hokkaido exclusive brand, you may need to change it depending on your location.

More about this

Like with most of my presentations, this theme will age like milk. Then again, One Piece has been going on forever.

Anyways, this presentation features the class from Boku no Hero Academia. One of the more popular characters is featured on the left of the screen. She is some sort of…frog person and she has frog superpowers… I don’t know exactly to what extent as I have only watched a handful of episodes, but her powers seem to be a lot better than other frog based heros/villians.

The two gifs that start off the slideshow are comparing Boku no Hero Academia and another popular show One Piece. The response from the two-toned hair kid is another gif from the Boku No Hero show. That character is called All Might and he is an ever present glam show…that is when he is in public that is…THE SHOW IS HARD TO EXPLAIN.

Some of the choices are fairly straight forward. But there are a few that you might need to change based upon your region and whatever the kids are into. One option is between Seicomart and 711. For those of you who do not live in Hokkaido, Seicomart is a Hokkaido only combini. It’s special. Just like Hokkaido!

Also listed is two candies Kinokonoyama (きのこの山 ) and Takenokonosato (たけのこの里 ). My fellow teacher was deadset on me adding this to my presentation plus any and all worksheets and/or games. While I, myself, have never had a favorite of the two, the class was up in arms over it. A hot debate for sure.

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