Can I – Restaurant Menu and Items


Can (Request, Permission) – Can I take your order? Can I have a burger?


Print and cut out each card. Blow up the menu on an A3 sheet for the blackboard and print a few for the “cashiers” on a4. Or if you have the gumption, print out a menu for everyone!


I threw this idea into the “Can I (request, permission)” category but this idea stems from my textbook’s page “Time for a skit” restaurant edition. I have created a mock-up version of the page in question so you can see what I am referring to.

Anyways, provided is a restaurant menu with prices and an assortment of different food items…plus a cash register. 

In my class, we had the students review the following conversation:

A: May I help you?

B: Can I have a hot dog?

A: Ok, and your drink?

B: Latte, please.

A: For here or to go?

B: For here, please. How much is that?

A: That’s 10 dollars.

B: Here you are.

After the review, we put them into groups of 4 or 5. (or whatever size you deem fit). Each group would assign roles (clerk or customer) and create a skit loosely following the format above.

Once prepared, we set up a register and sample items on a few desks. We ended up adding a bunch of other choices other than the sample menu had provided, such as large pizza and long hot dog. Whether or not you want to use the aforementioned extra words or not, is up to you.

After set up, the student assigned the clerk role comes to the register and the other “customer” student come up and act out the skit.

We had green slips of paper for money as the focus was not about counting or giving out change.

This page represents a section of the text book. This is a parody and shouldn’t be used, it is only here as a reference. Only use approved text books. And yes, these characters are from Twin Peaks.

We didn’t necessarily guide the students on how to interact with the items, but we saw many students hand “the clerk” the items they wanted. He/she would then figure out how much they owed, (hamburger + hot dog = $10) say the amount, exchange paper and “the clerk” would hand back. One student made beeping sounds and acted like he was scanning the items.

As for the creation of said items, we just made cardboard stands and slapped the food item pictures on it.

Fun, engaging and something to touch. Sometimes, having something tactile can help students learn and retain things.


Food items with names

Food items without names


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