Which – Paper Janken Game

Which – Paper Janken Game


Interrogative “Which” – Q: Which do you like, A or B? A: I like B.


Print pages and cut the cards out. Preferably with a color backing. Triple the amount of cards as you have students.


Once again I have borrowed someone else’s idea and made it into my own. This is concept is from Englipedia. Here is their text directly on how to do it. 
  1. Give each student one card. The cards each have 2 objects on them and hands making janken signs. Hand them out upside down and tell students not to look at them when you are handing them out. After they are all passed out, students may look at their own card, but not their neighbor’s. They are secret!
  2. Students walk around the room and find partners. They ask their partners the target question according to the words on their card: “Which do you like, apples or donuts?” (for example)
    The conversation should go like this:
    S1: Which do you like, apples or donuts?
    S2: Donuts.
    S2: Which do you like, Gengar or Pikachu?
    S1: Gengar.
  3. Then S1 will show S2 the donuts side of his/her card and S2 will show S1 the Gengar side of his/her card. The janken sign that goes with that picture will determine the winner. So if S1’s donuts card has paper and S2’s Gengar card has rock, then S1 wins.
  4. These two students separate and find new partners to try again.
  5. Play until a timer goes off.
  6. The goal is to collect as many cards as you can.


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