Do you have any apples? – Presentation

Do you have any apples? – Presentation


Plural – Any / Some – Do you have any apples? Yes, I have some apples. Yes, I have 3 apples. No, I don’t have any apples.

Presentation Preview


I tried to put an emphasis on the plural of nouns by clearly indicating that addition of “s” to certain words in the presentation. I also avoided any words that might end in “es” to avoid confusion on this first lesson. I also started off with the answers of “I have SOME apples.” As I wanted to gauge if any of the students started counting.

Later on in the presentation we start the counting process. “I have 3 apples.” and so on.

Oh and of course do not forget to reference this terrible gem. It’s surprisingly helpful when indicating “I have pen.”

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2 thoughts on “Do you have any apples? – Presentation”

  1. Dear Mr/Mrs Fox,

    I love the website and the resources. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Regarding the presentation, I noticed you have used the singular pronoun “this” with the third person present singular “is” when referring to plural noun forms e.g “bananas” (“It’s some bananas”). I may be wrong, but I think 3rd person plural nouns require a third person plural pronoun with the appropriate form of the verb be e.g “they are bananas” . “It’s some bananas” would therefore be ungrammatical. If you want to use “some” then third person forms would still be necessary: “These are some bananas”.

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