Which do you like? – Worksheet


Interrogative “Which” – Q: Which do you like, A or B? A: I like B. Ah! She likes B.


Print and hand out to each student. This worksheet is intended to be double sided, but do what you want! You are the master of your students fates…in English class.


Hand out the worksheets and have the students make up questions for their fellow classmates.

The first out of the 6 potential question is a simple fill in the blank and subsequent removal of pre-written words in the following boxes.

Next, have the students stand up and ask a partner their questions they had previously made. Have the students write down the answer of their friend. For example:

Student 1: Which do you like, snakes or zebras?

Student 2: I like snakes.

Student 1: えええええええ!

Student 2: 本当に

Student 1: Writes down snakes in the “Answer 4” row.

If you are a true monster, like myself, you can use the second page to really make your students groan. On this page have the students write the name of the friends they had asked questions to previously in the correct category. Then have them write down what each student said. For example see the photo below:

I ended up spreading this over the course of two lessons but it all depends on what kind of person you are. I’m a mixture of good and evil, isn’t that swell?

This worksheet has characters that are from Boku no Hero Academia. Which makes sense if you have seen my previous presentation. Here is a link to the presentation if you haven’t already seen it!


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