Interrogative (What time…?) – Time UNO card game

Interrogative (What time…?) – Time UNO card game


Interrogative (what time…?) – What time is it? What time do you get up?


Print, put on backing (mine or otherwise), cut, cry, cut again. Make sure you have a deck for each group (just one of my PDFs is a deck).


That’s right. It’s just UNO featuring clocks and colors. This is a direct copy from Englipedia just updated to have bigger cards on an A4 size page.

I’ll save the space on the page and assume you know how to play UNO, but my main variation is:

Every time the kids lay down a card they are to ask the person to their left/right “What time is it?” and the student neighboring student states “It’s 1:50” or whatever is on the card. If that gets stale switch it up and have the kids “What time do you get up?” “I get up at 7:15.” It’s also fun to have them ask weird questions such as “What time do you go to the toilet?” or “What time do you fight Anpanman?” or “What time is class finished?” That sort of thing. Just hammer away at that target language so they never forget!


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