What is this? Passive 3 hint quiz – Worksheet

What is this? Passive 3 hint quiz – Worksheet


Passive – It was made in 1997. The manga was written by Masashi Kishimoto. He has a son named Boruto. What is it?



Preferably create your own sample 3 hint quizzes, such as the one I made here. Then print and handout one for each student. Bonus if you have access to the internet or encyclopedias.


This worksheet ties in with my previous presentation of the 3 hint quiz.

Hand out the worksheets and have each student produce his/her own quiz, using the passive form. In my school we have access to internet connected tablets. I had the students search for cool and interesting things online, giving them about 15-20 minutes to do so. While they were doing this, I made sure to help where needed and to hone in on the students trying to look up comics.

After whatever time you have allotted, have the students present the quizzes to each other. Try to pick a few good ones and have them present to the entire class.

Don’t ask me why there are construction worker silhouettes on the worksheet, because I don’t know why, either.


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