Infinitive Adverbial Usage – Board Game

Infinitive Adverbial Usage – Board Game


Infinitive adverbial usage – I go to school to study English.


Print preferably on A3. Cut the cards and give dark backing. The cards are the substitute for dice.


The board game is centered around the Infinitive adverbial usage. Stating something and giving the reason why in the same sentence. In other words, I go to X to reason.

So, I constructed a board game (or two) where the students pick up a card, see the number in the corner. Move that numbers amount of spaces and state a sentence based upon whats on the card.


1. Students picks up card. reads it. “America.”

2. Student moves 3 spaces then says “I go to America to eat hamburgers.”

rinse and repeat for all the students in the group.

You can add in between step 1 and 2 a chorus of the surrounding students ask, “Do you go to America?” or have the student in step 1 state “I go to America.” then have the surrounding group ask “Why?” to illicit the answer.

Get the kids into groups of 4 or more and go from there.

It’s a bit of stilted language grammar point, but it’s an important growth point for future English development.

The board game’s featured image involves Crash Bandicoot. Specifically from the latest edition. I made this based off one of my kids saying that he liked Crash Bandicoot. This was a simple change up from the other board game I made last year. The old version features hipster cat and dog characters because I was trying to appeal to the cool aesthetic. Either way both board games do what they are set out to do.

Also, a friend of mine asked, so I shall clarify my intent. The shapes on the board, such as the stars and circles, have no significant meaning. They are just for decoration. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t add meaning to them. Maybe each shape has points associated with it? I don’t know. Make the board game yours!

Crash Bandicoot edition

Animal Edition


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