The America Lesson – Presentation

The America Lesson – Presentation


America’s culture and general facts.

Presentation Preview


My students in 3rd grade JHS wanted to know more about America, so I drafted up this presentation talking about some things in America. This presentation is certainly directed at a 3rd grade level, if not higher, but I am sure you could change how you speak to fit whatever class you have.

Note: There are two videos included inside the presentation. One of some professional football teams duking it out. The other is from Rachael and Jun’s Youtube channel showcasing the difference in fast food drink size.

The topics include:

Colorado scenery.

Texas and it’s size. (The island of Hokkaido can fit inside it!)


California and it’s major companies

New York City

The president and potential next president. (We are in an election year as of 2020. If you are using this presentation in the future just delete the slide or change it.)

Plus some cultural differences.

The very last slides asks you to practice saying “bless you” with an exploding cat. I get the students to wait and try to time saying bless you as the explosion starts. I hope your comedic timing is good! It’s good to go out on a bang!

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