I think (that) – Presentation

I think (that) - Presentation


That-clause I think (that) – I think that Yoshi is cute. What do you think about Yoshi?

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A little bit of a throwback to old school video games, a presentation featuring Yoshi from Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo.

In the first 2 segments, Yoshi and Kamek (bad guy floating in the air) present the concept of “I think (that)” and “He/she thinks that” by stating some common ideas such as “cute” and “bad“.

In the third slide, we are introduced to the question form of the “I think” concept, “What do you think about ___?” In this section the slide offers a slew of different simple answers such as “I think that Yoshi is cute, strange, interesting, etc…”

The rest of the slides proffer the questions for the students to potentially answer. Kamek will, at the last point, offer his (her?) own answer. A note is that Kamek sometimes uses the “I think that ____” and “I think ____” dropping the “that” from the statement. You don’t always need the “that” in the statement but it usually doesn’t hurt to keep it.

On slide 9, we have a little review slide that has the key concepts available for the students to write down or gaze upon when doing other activities.

Depending on what you want to do/accomplish, after the review slide, I have included a “debate” format. My fellow teacher wanted to have an opportunity to give the students a reason for using the grammar point. In the instance of this presentation, the debate of school lunch is presented. Yoshi gives some points in favor of school lunch, and Kamek offers counterpoints. Kamek’s argument points are lackluster. Giving more credence Yoshi’s points. At the end on slide 12, I asked the students who did they side with and they overwhelming chose Yoshi…in which a terrible gif of Yoshi dancing indicates he being the winner. How you want to to use this is up to you!

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