Student Vs. Teacher – Relative Pronoun Presentation

Student Vs. Teacher – Relative Pronoun Presentation


Relative pronoun – This is a comedian who has big eyebrowsMOS is a company that sells hamburgers. This is a character which Yoshito Usui made in 1990.


Presentation Preview


This is a jeopardy style quiz where the students play against the teacher. Each of the questions (all marked in blue) for the students are about relative pronouns. As for the teachers, (marked in purple) the questions are all over the place. Some of the questions for the teachers feature Trivia, English knowledge, tongue twisters and who’s that Pokemon! It is highly suggested that you don’t show the main teacher his/her questions to keep it fair, but do discuss the concept with them. When it comes to the teacher questions, I have included the Japanese as I wanted the students to enjoy the crazy questions too.

How to use:

For the most part, click on a box and then click  through the page the presentation directs you to do. Once all has been shown on the screen press the return box to go back to the main point screen. Please run through it a few times by yourself to get the gist of things.

On the main point screen featuring Howie Mandel, if you hit the space bar once, a new “more” box, in orange, will appear and lead you to another section of the presentation with more categories and points to win.

There is a ton of Japanese written all over the presentation, more specifically on the section for the teachers. I wanted the students to know what questions were being asked to the teacher.

I suggest you put the students into groups and have them compete against each other but combine the points at the end to see if they can beat the teacher.


Category Double Trouble: This category is a combo of “What’s missing?” and “Let’s guess”. The students will only get the points if they are successful in filling in the blank and answering the question that the slide poses. An example: Q: What is a jumping animal _____ lives in Australia? A1: that/which A2: Kangaroo.

On slide 46 there is a small video of Tetsuro Degawa speaking English after his name appears on the screen.

On category/point screen: If you press the space bar once, a return button and a tongue twister box will appear. The return button will take you to Howie Mandel screen and the tongue twister box will lead you to some fun and katakana tongue twisters.

On slide 35 entitled how many. On the keynote version a series of bunnies will fly by one by one at a high pace. But on the PowerPoint version they all go by at once. I thought it was funny on the PowerPoint version, so I left it alone.

For the teacher trivia category: I got all my info from this website, Pedant19. I used their questions and their Japanese, then translated it into English where applicable.

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