Do you know who is playing Battleship? – Board game

Do you know who is playing Battleship? – Board game


Relative pronoun “who” nominative case – Do you know the woman who is studying English?


Print boards for each student in class.


Gather the students into pairs and have them draw three ships anywhere they feel like on the board. One ship is 4 squares in length, the other 3 and the final one in 2. Make sure they keep them a secret.

Have them do Jaken and the winner goes first. Then they will say:

“Do you know the woman who…” *the student traces his finger down to the woman icon in the orange column* “…who is studying English?” *again the finger is traced across following the dark blue line (a total of 2 spaces)*

If the “Enemy” student has a part of one of their ships in that space, they will respond with, “Yes, I do.” If not, “No, I don’t.” Marking either a circle for a yes (HIT) or an X for a no (MISS).

Keep playing until someone wins. 


More about this

Soooooo…..My Japanese is awful and I am terrible at explaining things in English.

JTE: “Please, Mr. ALT-SAN, explain your activity in English.”

ME: *explains poorly in English that even native speakers have no clue what to do*

JTE: “Do you understand? OK! Let’s start!”

Because I am so terrible, I came up with a presentation on how to play the game. It really helped me as I was able to better convey how to play with the visuals. HOWEVER, the presentation should help supplement your explanation and not be a replacement. Use your words, even if they are bad, (like mine.)

Presentation preview

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