May I – Presentation

May I – Presentation


Auxiliary Verb “May I…?” (Permission) – May I use the toilet? Yes, you may. No, you may not.

Presentation Preview


Once again, the lovely quintet of animal face students and teacher come striding back into the classroom. This time using the polite request of “May I-?”

I would like to say that I am an adult and do not revel in juvenile behaviors and laugh at crude jokes. But, I’m not. So, most of this presentation uses the following question: “May I use the toilet?” I think it’s important to connect with your students and get them engaged, even if it’s with crude jokes. And… if it takes a slight poke at what one does in the bathroom…SO BE IT. My kids laughed

This is my second attempt at “animating” through presentations and I had a lot of fun with it. However, when porting it to PowerPoint there are a bit of issues. Instead, I have made a movie version of it. You can play it in class and pause when need be. 

The movie

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