Is this…? Is that…? – Go Fish card game

Is this…? Is that…? – Go Fish card game


Demonstrative Pronoun. This / That – Question and Response – Is this a bear? Yes, it is. Is that a cat? No, it isn’t.


Print and cut each page. Adding color/dark backing in the process. For small groups, use one page for a set, making the students look for pairs. For larger groups print two pages for each, making them find 4 of a kind. 


This is the game go fish but using the Target language of “Is this~?” while trying to illicit the answers of “Yes it is.” or “no, it isn’t.”

Deal out 5 cards for each student. then put the draw pile in the center. The students should look for pairs within their hands and put pairs face up in the center.

Jaken to see who goes first and go around in the circle.

The starting kid asks the next person in the group while pointing at the back of one of the cards in their hands “Is this a (bear)?” If correct, the student answers “Yes, it is,” and gives the card to the asking student. If the card is not, he/she answers “No, it isn’t, go fish.” Or whatever variation you so desire.

I prefer to have the students, whenever they acquire a pair, to say “This is a (bear),” upon placing face up to the group.

The winner is the student who gets rid of all the cards first. Then scream and shout and talk about fish for a while.


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