Infinitive Adverbial Usage – Worksheet and Presentation

Infinitive Adverbial Usage – Worksheet and Presentation


Infinitive Adverbial Usage – I went to Starbucks to drink coffee.


Present the presentation. Go do a separate activity. Then hand out the worksheets, one for each student. Watch the students who paid attention previously mark all the answers down quickly, and feel happy when all the students have everything figured out!


The presentation/worksheet is centered around the Infinitive adverbial usage. Stating something and giving the reason why in the same sentence, in a simple form. I go to X to reason.

The presentation has a series of outdated PlayStation 1 characters talking about what they are doing and why.

The worksheet is directly tied to the presentation. Essentially, answers 1-5 are given through the presentation. No. 6 being one for the students to figure out.

When using the worksheet, with or without the presentation, look at the boxes two images. The first image on top is suppose to represent the first part of the sentence, such as the Japanese flag. The second image below is to proffer the reason why, such as the Takoyaki. These two combined should become “I go to Japan to eat Takoyaki.” although some of my students came up with their own answers, which by all means, I encouraged.

Also, these worksheets and presentation refer to the infamous Hokkaido convenience store, Seicomart. You should change it to something more local, if you don’t live in Hokkaido.

Presentation Preview

Companion Worksheet



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