SVC (look) – 3 Hint Quiz Cards

SVC (look) - 3 hint quiz cards


SVC (look) – He looks happy. He sounds scared. He looks like a mouse.


Print enough cards so that each student has one Pokemon each. If you are feeling fancy provide color backing to the cards.


The idea behind this is to give each student a random Pokemon card and have each student come up with three sentences about the Pokemon. It doesn’t matter if they know the Pokemon or not. The idea is being able to apply characteristics to the monster, in their hot little hands.

To begin, Place a large printout or show the last slide from my “looks” presentation. Give it the once over with the students and then proceed to hand them the cards you made, giving a student one card each.

Role playing with a teacher or student, create three sentences about the Pokemon that you are holding, keeping the name/picture of the monster secret. I suggest having them use 3 styles of sentence structure.

For example: Let’s use the Pokemon “Purin”. (In America, we call it Jigglypuff.)


“She looks happy.”

“She looks like a ball.”

“She is pink”


“Is it Purin?”

Purin / Jigglypuff

The first sentence is an adjective based sentence. “He looks ____” the next being a noun sentence “He looks like ____” and finally an “anything is ok sentence.”

After the role-play, have the students find a partner. Each student is to make an impromptu quiz about the Pokemon in their possession without telling the other student the name, making them guess. Once each student of the pair guesses correctly, have them find a new partner.

This game helps prepare the students for the worksheet that is to follow.

Also I included the English names of the Pokemon…just for kicks. 


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