Passive (by) – UNO style card game

Passive (by) – UNO style card game


Passive “by” “be+past participle +by” – Table tennis is played by Fukuhara Ai.


There are 12 pages in total. 6 pages with the target language and 6 pages of backing. Print and cut out each individual card and either give it the backing provided or some sort of dark colored backing. This can be time intensive, especially if you do multiple decks. Each deck has 52 cards.


The same rules of UNO, applies here. Match numbers to numbers or characters to characters. Example: if a Yoshi 7 card is laid down, the next card must either have a 7 or a Yoshi on it. Whenever the card is laid down, the student must change the sentence, or more specifically, the bold word into the passive verb form. A sentence on a card may read “Chinese is speak in China”. The student must change it to “Chinese is spoken in China,” before he can lay down the card. Reverse cards change the rotation of play and God cards are wild cards. Draw +2 cards are well….obvious…
I had way to much fun making these. I have made four decks of this (which to be honest took me way too long.) Each time I have used them it’s been a winner with the kids. Granted, they hate making English sentences but the desire to continue playing makes them actively engage in figuring out how to make each verb passive.
I have also included a blank so you can adapt whatever you want. Write in your own sentences or apply it to a completely different lesson.

Passive Uno

Passive Uno


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