Comparison and Superlative “-er than, the est” – Presentation

Comparison and Superlative “-er than, the est” – Presentation


Comparison and Superlative “-er than, the est” – Cheetahs are faster than lions. Cheetahs are the fastest.

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Several of these slides are used to show comparisons and use of the er-est additives to verbs. The first slides compare animals.

Cheetahs are fast.

Cheetahs are faster than rabbits.

Cheetahs are faster than dogs.

Cheetahs are the fastest.

I did the same thing with a whale and the term larger.

After that we have a showcase of wanting to go to a movie at an earlier time featuring Imoto and Taylor Swift.

We then have a segment with Taylor Swift demanding a big hamburger.

After that we have a quiz on some famous world objects and which might be larger, taller, longer, colder, etc. A fun cavalcade of factual and interesting questions using the comparative model.  I have Imoto be the host, as she has gone around the world and then some, making her fairly knowledgable. This will be a good opportunity to have the students interact and try use the correct sentence model. 

At first glance, these slides might seem like there is no theme cohesion. However, all them exemplify the points of comparisons in how we write them down.

  1. For fast, we just add “er and est”. No problem. ⇒ Fast. Faster. Fastest.
  2. With large. the “e” is already there. Only needing to add “r and st”. ⇒ Large. Larger. Largest.
  3. Early is a fun one. We have to replace the “y” with an “i” before adding our comparative modifiers. ⇒ Early. Earlier. Earliest. I say it’s “fun” because you can see all the students die a little on the inside, realizing they have to learn a new rule.
  4. The last example is big. No the example is not big/large. But the actual doubling of the last letter before adding the comparison stuff. ⇒ Big. Bigger. Biggest.

It’s a weird presentation, but I think it does the job.

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