An update from that foxy guy

Recently, I got a notification through reddit asking if I was still updating this site.

The short answer is…yes? Maybe? I don’t know.

As of this writing I updated the site with a slightly new activity, the first one in about a year. It’s a bit of a rehash of an old idea… but hey! It’s something!

I lived and breathed ALT work for about 3 years and this website reflects that. But after the three year mark, I changed schools, area, and lifestyle. I was in an environment that did not afford me the time to create new and interesting things for my students or for this site. However, I have once again changed locations, schools and so on. So I am hoping to add more to this site. I make no promises, but I do want to try. I’ll at least go over this websites pages/post and update things here and there. Heck, I gotta check to see if all my easter eggs still work. You knew there were Easter eggs all over this site, right? Have you found them all? Like seriously, there are a bunch. Maybe even one on this page.

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